Ellen Leonard | Pin: 6077

Ellen tells us she has been using her Psychic senses all of her life, she regards herself as being in tune with animals’ and peoples’ emotions and feelings, and receives ultimate pleasure by guiding them towards the right path. Ellen is of Irish decent and has a naturally warm and welcoming personality and aims to put you at ease immediately.
Ellen’s areas of preference are in Love and Relationships and Dream analysis, she is also an Animal Communicator, and she can also use many tools including Crystals, Runes, Angel Cards, Tarot Cards and Pendulum. As she is reading for you, your energy will draw her to a specific tool to aid her in your reading. , giving her the ability to turn her hand to many different questions or situations that you may have using one or many of her senses and tools.
She adores the feeling of guiding people to choose the right path for themselves and to lead them to a life of contentment and well-being. After a reading with Ellen you will feel uplifted and motivated and she will guide you so that you see your choices for yourself and for the relevant areas of your life, leaving you feeling ready to tackle life with a new and positive outlook.

Status: Available

Rating: 3