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I am an Empathic & Patient Reader / Listener / Psychic Advisor. I Have Over 30 Years Experience in Esoteric & Astrological Work including featuring in the Media & TV. I am A Natural Psychic, Medium, Card reader and Empath. Some of my other skills Include Angel Cards, Crystals, Life Coaching, Numerology, Psychic Development, Dream Analysis, Remote Viewing, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Tarot, Reiki & Spiritual Healing, Aura Readings, Pendulum and Runes.

Coming from a long line of Spiritual Mediums, Psychics & Healers, including my Grandma & Great Grandma who helped form and run a local Spiritualist Church. I can also link in with your pets & other animals. I can help you move on from your past and deal with the present to go on to a better & brighter future. I am also a practicing Wiccan. I look forward to reading for you and speaking to you soon. Blessed be.

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