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Hello, I’m Sarah May. I am a highly intuitive, empathic, natural psychic with 30 years of experience. I can see and link in with your energy and the energy of others around you and hope to leave you feeling enlightened and uplifted.

Although I can work no tools/freehand, I do also have many tools and props that I can use such as angel cards, crystals and tea leaves. I can work with my guides, my psychic senses and I love to use colour as it is such a great energy; this I can use with ribbons. All of my tools open up the senses and raise the energy for a lovely experience for both you and me. I can do aura readings, animal communication, chakra work, remote viewing and I am also a reiki master. I am also a medium and recently won the “Derek Acorah Memorial Award 2021 for Mediumship.

I am a true believer of getting what we need, rather than what we want. I always like to see the positive and best outcome, as my role is to ensure that you get the best guidance through life.

A psychic experience in my 20s led me to a spiritual church, where the lady on the platform told me I needed to develop it further. I sat in a closed circle for two years and I absolutely loved it. This was my training ground and nearly 30 years on still use what I was taught and have adapted where it suits me. I scan what I feel is right or wrong and to with my gut instinct.

In my spare time, I love to have fun with my kids…dance with my daughter and have banter and giggles. I also do push on wellbeing which is dance fitness and meditation.

My favourite inspirational quote is Karl Marx…..”Question Everything”

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