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For around 10 years now, I have been working professionally as a psychic medium. This means that I am able to connect with energies, as well as guide people in areas such as love and relationships, general readings and priorities in one’s life.

I have always known that I had psychic abilities, as far back as I can remember. As a child, I could sense different energies and this developed into me being able to read people and their situations. I finally made the decision to turn my abilities into a career, and have never looked back since.

I am constantly furthering my knowledge in this field, attending various workshops and events to continue honing my skills. Additionally, I offer distance readings through email or phone.

About me:

I have always been confident in my ability to help others. I am able to see their Aura and the energies around them, as well as their chakras. If they have any blockages which prevent them from living the life of their dreams, I can help clear those blockages. I also have the ability of remote viewing, so if you are wondering how a particular person is doing but you lost contact, I can remote view it for you and give you information that may just bring comfort to you.

Tools and Skills:

When reading Tarot cards, I use the symbology of the cards along with numerical significance to give a reading. It is a true blessing for me to be able to do this work and have a strong connection with my higher self. My other area of expertise is animal communication – something which fascinates me greatly! Animals have so much to teach us, and I am able to bridge the communication gap between human and animal.

If you are looking for guidance in any area of your life, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you on your journey. Blessings!

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