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I am a compassionate, intuitive, tarot card reader and have over 30 years of psychic experience. I work with my natural abilities no tools/freehand along with my cards and my guide to give insight into many areas of life. I am also an animal communicator and crystal healer, dream analyst and can work with crystals and pendulum.

The main areas that I tend to look at and feel I am best at are general readings, priorities in ones life and looking to the past to see roots of current situations or emotions. I can however look at work/career and other areas.

I approach my readings grounded and protected in light. I will explain that the reading will tell them what they need to know for now, even if it might be unexpected. I like to offer a range of decks to read with, so that they can choose a preferred set that they are comfortable. Throughout the process I like to make sure that the reading is ‘on track’ and making sense.

During my spare time I like to do yoga, ppainting,paranormal, writing reading and walking the dogs.

My favourite inspirational quote is ‘The purpose of our lives is to be happy.’ HH Dalai Lama


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