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I’m Dinah, I have been practicing my gift for over 15 years as it was passed down through my family. I’ve always known I have skills. and I’ve just built my confidence with practice. My sun sign is Libra and my moon is Leo.

I am a natural psychic, but I can use tools such as tarot cards, crystals and pendulum. I would describe my readings as calming, uplifting and compassionate. I’m very calm and put my clients at ease. A lot want answers on love and I’m very honest but positive I will always look for that positive response. I’m very diplomatic and talk to support, not to make anyone feel embarrassed I want my clients to remember me. I greet them and put them at ease just talking, never diving in or asking abrupt questions. I’m calm and I remember what I use to feel like when I’d visit a psychic

My hobbies include reading, making jewellery and walking. I always cleanse my crystals. I’m a lover of oils too and I’m a big cleanser. I think it’s a bit over the top but others’ energy is so easily absorbed.

Words are spells, be careful what you ask for. – this is my favourite quote, by my dad.

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