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“Live The Life You Love & Love the Life you Live” – Bob Marley

Welcome. I’m Black Orchid and I have been connected to the psychic world for over 26 years now. I started having psychic experiences from a young age; It’s been with me all my life and I started using playing cards to give my friends and family readings at the age of 9.

I am a compassionate and empathic reader and person as a whole. When I am not using these attributes during my readings, I like to put this energy into helping charities and animals; Animal communication is also one of my skills.

My main skill set consists of a combination of cards and my natural psychic senses; hear, see, feel. My most favourite tools are Angel, Tarot and Energy cards and I also enjoy working with the Pendulum. I work with my Guides for insight on most aspects in your life, clearing blockages that are holding you back, career, relationships & future guidance; Sending spiritual healing energies and Love and Light, enabling you to feel uplifted and more at peace within yourself.

Thank you for reading my profile; I look forward to connecting with you and offering my guidance.

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