Wayne Kemp

Wayne Kemp

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Hi everyone, my name is Wayne Kemp and I am a natural born psychic and Tarot card reader with 16 years’ experience. I am a compassionate but straight-talking psychic and my main goal is to bring insight and enlightenment into your life while being understanding and honest.

I remember as far back as I can, being able to feel and hear things. I met a lady with my mother when I was 7 years old who sat me down and asked me questions regarding what I had been experiencing. She then went onto tell me that I wasn’t crazy and what I had been experiencing was psychic ability and from then on-wards she and my mother helped me develop my psychic skills.

If you come to me for a reading, I will explain how I work, while reassuring you that there is absolutely nothing to be worried or scared about. I will then ask you if you have any questions and when you feel confident and happy, I will proceed and begin the reading. I will look into your energy and the energy of those that you are asking about (if anyone) to get a stronger feel and sense of the situation.

I can look at general readings and priorities in ones life, love/relationships and pick up on emotions in a current situation of caller. I can do Aura readings, Remote viewing Channelling, Chakra work, Crystal healing, Pendulum, Reiki healing, Spiritual healing, use my senses, guides and work no tools / freehand.

I’m all about spirituality so in my spare time I’m doing research on many different things to do with the spiritual realm, as well as studying for my many different qualifications and when I’m not doing that, I enjoy going for long walks and embracing mother earth and all she has to offer. I also love meditating, going on social activities and doing things such as swimming, mountain climbing and row boats to going to a nice unique place for a drink or meal. I enjoy spending quality time when I can with family and friends that I’m very close with and going to MBS or Spiritual fairs and events giving me the chance to meet people from all walks of life.

My inspirational quote for you today is “When you look in the mirror who do you see? A person conforming to society? Or someone who is true to their own unique authentic self? Be true to yourself, your very own unique authentic self and you will go far in life” – My sister.

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