Victoria Churchill

Victoria Churchill

For a reading from Victoria Churchill please text the pin number 6875 to

Hi, I’m Victoria Churchill and I’m a natural psychic who hones my psychic skills to give you an insightful reading. I will look to build a connection with you to get an overall reading of the energies surrounding you, and using colours and numerology I will hope to get an overall view of what potential new energies can interact with you in love, career and family readings.

I’ve noticed my psychic skills since I was very young, and 5 years ago I started to develop my talent. I am a natural psychic who can use tarot cards, however I prefer to use colour and numerology in my readings and for me personally, that is my favourite way especially for love readings. I will start the reading by asking you to speak about yourself for 15 seconds, so I can connect to your voice.
As well as giving psychic readings I am a trained TV presenter and actor, I own a film company and I like making horror films.
My favourite quote is by Kevin Ngo: “You’re the main character of your life’s story, give your audience not only something to look forward to, but something to be inspired by”

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