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Veena tells us that she has been reading for over 15 years, describing her readings as positive and compassionate. Her fortes during readings include love and relationships, career and work life, and family life.

An extremely caring and positive reader, she will ask you if you would like her to cover the main areas of your life during your reading when you first connect with her, or alternatively whether you have any specific questions that you would like to ask her. She will then begin your reading, adapting to any questions or requests of areas that you would like to look into.

During her readings, Veena will use one of a number of different types of cards, including some of her own design. When you ask a question, she will begin shuffling the cards, and then ask you to tell her when to stop. She also tells us that she has a number of guides who can pass messages to her during her readings, and if these are relevant to your situation, she will pass these on.

Veena recalls that she has known of her abilities from a very young age, and since then has spent a great deal of time studying and developing her skills, which she enjoys a great deal. She feels that if she were able, she would devote herself full time to developing her existing skills, and developing new ones.

As well as giving readings, in her free time, Veena enjoys dancing and meditating. She is inspired by her own quote: ‘On the path to enlightenment – surrender has been my best friend. What I think I know has been my biggest block’. So, for an uplifting and inspirational reading, give her a call today!


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