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Hi my name is Trevor and I have been a professional reader for nearly 20 years. I would describe myself as being a compassionate, inspirational and positive person and I have natural psychic abilities. I love to share what I can see with people, and I use my cards to enable me to interpret what I am being shown. I get such a huge thrill by being able to encourage my clients to reach their highest and greatest consciousness.
The more you share with me the clearer and deeper I can look into your situation, so be open and honest and let me share with you what I see. Sometimes clients come to me with a specific question which gives us a good foundation to build on, other times I may begin the reading by doing a whole life card spread.
When I have time to relax I like to write articles and books. I love a wide variety of exercises and religions, and I adore the on-going process of learning. I also believe laughter is the best medicine, so I like to have fun!

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