For a reading from Theo please text the pin number 6649 to

Hi, I’m Theo, and I am a very compassionate natural psychic reader, astrologer and card reader. I have over 40 years of experience, and my preferred areas to focus on during my readings are career and work, astrological personality analysis, and astrological compatibility between two people.

When you come through to me for the first time, I feel that it is very important that you feel at ease, and see the reading as a fun and laid-back experience. I will do my best to allay any fears or nervousness that you may have surrounding the reading, and reassure that I will not judge you, only guide you.

When I read for you, I will mainly use my natural psychic abilities in conjunction with a variety of different tools, and my guides. My favourite tools to use are the cards, as I feel that the images on them can give me a greater level of insight than others. However, I do also use the astrological charts, as well as other tools occasionally such as the crystals and runes.

I first realised that I was a psychic when I was 8 years old, and could occasionally pick up on events around me. Then when I was 19, I purchased my first pack of cards, and it was after this I decided to develop my skills further, first training myself before developing further under the tuition of others.

As well as giving readings, I also love playing rock guitar, as well as cooking, a love gained from my son who is a senior chef at the Ivy in London. I am also a historical re-enactor, particularly the Viking, medieval and Tudor periods. I am inspired by the quote ‘What you think about, you bring about, for thoughts become things!’ So, for a calming and down-to-earth reading, give me a call today!

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