The Dice Man

The Dice Man

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I grew up in a family of psychics and had my first psychic encounter at 4 year old. I did however, find that my natural skills developed as I grew into my teens. I have featured in many psychic magazines and also on radio in the USA and have now been reading professionally for up to 10 years.

Are you at a crossroads? Not sure where life is leading you? What do you want to aspire to? Is this relationship right for you? I try to give insight into these questions for you, so that you can find true destiny and happiness in life. I can look into career & work, general readings and priorities in ones life and pick up on emotions in a current situation of caller.

I work naturally and with my senses and guides, however my favourite tool is my infamous dice. I can work with my dice along with my guide for extra insight, depending on the question in hand. I can also back this up with a pendulum and a chart.

I will introduce myself and ask if you feel comfortable with me using dice. I will make sure you are at ease before starting the reading. I prefer to work with a name and date of birth and I will see if there is anything that you would like me to focus on during the reading.

I love painting in my spare time as learned to draw 9 years ago. And I Like to spend time walking and going out.
My favourite inspirational quote is “Always follow your gut instinct, feeling. It is always right, no matter what”. My granddad

If you are looking for a compassionate, inspiring and insightful reading, give me a call.

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