Teresa Swann

Teresa Swann

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Teresa Swann has been a practicing psychic for over five years and describes herself as kind, compassionate and caring. Her specialist areas are love & relationships, destiny & life path and deceased and mediumship.

As a renowned psychic & medium, Teresa is available for you today to provide a compassionate and positive reading. Her readings are full of life and zing – after being greeted in a positive & uplifting way, she’ll describe her reading style for for you in relaxed way. She won’t ask you any questions – she will use her tools and natural ability to guide you through your psychic reading, but if you wish to participate and ask questions,Teresa feels it helps more key messages come through to her from the spirit world than clients who remain silent.

Her favourite tool in providing you with an uplifting psychic or mediumship reading is her angel cards, however she doesn’t solely focus on those. When Teresa closes her eyes and tunes in with your energies, she can visualise people who are there and those in the spirit world as though they are in the room with her. She picks up key messages clearly, such as names, numbers, months and colours. She uses her angel cards to reinforce her senses and to bring in guidance and support.

Teresa’s spirit guide is on-hand through-out your psychic reading to guide her. His name is Star, a Red Indian who she feels she has been partners with in a previous life. Before your reading, Teresa will open her chakras, asking Archangel Michael for your protection and then she will tune in to Star, asking him to come forward to help her.

Teresa feels she has always been a psychic & medium from when she was only 12 years old. She used to dream she was flying, soaring high into the air, and recalls her sadness when she woke up and it all stopped. After investigating further, she realised she was actually Astro Travelling.

Her second key sign she has a unique gift was when her mother died in December 1999, which Teresa feels ‘opened her eyes’. “The feeling was so powerful”, she explains. “I knew my mother had moved on to another world, and motivated me to learn more”. Over the years she has fine-tuned her psychic abilities, learning who to convert other people’s emotions and feelings into messages, and trusting her intuition.

Enjoy a reading with Teresa today! She asks you come to her with an open mind and no demands – because she cannot force or alter the psychic messages that come through. When you begin your reading, sit relaxed and open in a warm and comfortable environment. “Be thankful to whatever spirit comes through to you, they have come a long way to see you”.

A qualified Reiki Master (1 & 2), in her spare time Teresa enjoys walking her dog, nature and reading. She’s vegetarian and is always finding new things to cook in her kitchen. She also spends her time at various spiritual churches, development groups and honing her meditation skills, and spending time with her family and friends.

She is inspired by the quote from Lorna Byrne: “The Angels have told me that love is the most powerful force in the world. It’s love that helps to steer us in the right direction and drives us forward. It’s love that makes living worthwhile.”

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