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Hello. My name is Taisha and I have been practicing reading for up to 15 years. I am a dream analyst, hands free/no tools, spiritual healer and empath and I also do psychic development and use a guide when tuning into your energy. I aim to guide you onto the right path.

I feel most comfortable when doing readings on career and work, emotional insight and love and relationship readings. Most of my clients come to me and ask me to look into their love and relationship life. At one point or another, I have been in similar situations to what they are in so I can relate to how they feel. Being understanding is key to my readings. I am a great listener, I am non-judgemental and have great care and love of people. Guiding others is something that I have always enjoyed.
I love to write poetry in my spare time, along with listen to music and meditate and my most inspirational quote is “treat others how you want to be treated. What you put out the universe brings back 10 fold”

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