Suzie Angel

Suzie Angel

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I am an empathic, Intuitive, natural psychic and spiritual, energy/angelic healer. Along with my guides, my cards are my favourite tool to use. Working with these both together, I am able to pass on the insight given from my cards and then add further insight given to me by my guides as the reading progresses. The most common receiver is feeling; I feel emotions, however the guides also allow me to see and hear too.

I read for many different people in different situations, from business to personal and general. Most of my clients feel somewhat stuck in their life and are in search of some guidance around a certain topic, such as love. I have been told that my readings are very calming and my goal is for my clients to feel uplifted from any woes and concerns that they carry.

I am very down to earth and I am open minded and sympathetic to everyone’s life journeys. I am also experienced in Chakra readings, Reiki and spiritual healing and working with the pendulum.

I feel that I have always had a psychic ability since I was little. My psychic skills were on pause when I had my children but I remained in contact with my guides. A few years later, Reiki found me and I was able to use my experiences with the Reiki to support and guide other people. From then on, I began going to circles; training and toning and developing my psychic skills and now I have been practicing for up to 2 years.

I like to provide hope, uplift others and opening their eyes to the bigger picture of their life path. In my spare time I enjoy walking, reading, photography, movie nights and spending time with my family and my favourite inspirational quote for you is “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

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