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Hello, I am Susan M; an open minded natural born psychic with over 40 years’ experience. Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with many different themes and types of readings. I have worked with compatibility using astrology and crystal work as well as spiritual healing. I have given readings on family life and work as well as looking at my caller’s life paths. In particular, I like best to give readings to those searching for new love and new directions.
I am a natural psychic and give readings and insight using my own psychic senses and my guide who has been with me most of my life, however I have a strong passion for cards. I feel that I give my best readings when I combine the two together to give insight. I also like to tune into my callers voice for even further insight. My favourite part of giving readings, is knowing that I can be encouraging and supportive for someone in need of guidance.
As I mentioned previously, I am a natural born psychic. I was always slightly aware of my extra senses. When I was a young child I had a lot of strange dreams and would always run to my grandmother to tell her about them. This continued until I was nine years old when she decided that it was time to tell me that it was my psychic senses coming through and that she was going to teach me how to use them. I now have over 40 years’ experience reading and 26 years of doing it professionally.
Instead of an inspirational quote, I have a motto I live by. ‘Keep my spirits high, I have a purpose and must continue no matter what.’


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