Sunshine Nicki

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Sunshine Nicki has been working in the Psychic world her whole life having been born with her abilities. She has been in the fortunate position of being encouraged to develop her abilities since birth. Sunshine Nicki was given her first pack of Tarot for her twelfth birthday and worked with them every day even putting them by her pillow each night!
From the age of eighteen she was fortunate to travel nationally and gained valuable experience at the many Spiritual & Holistic events that she attended. She has an eclectic philosophy or “faith” which has benefited both herself and many others that she has met through her life so far. Her faith in the spirit has certainly got Sunshine Nicki through the tough times and given her direction in life. She is very fortunate to have eight spirit guides who all help her in her work and her life, they are amazing and she treasures them.


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