Sophia Vancy

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Hi I’m Sophia Vancy. My unique style of interpretation offers you an insightful and flamboyant card reading which aims to enlighten and inspire you. I have a no nonsense, food for thought approach, and I pick up on your energy honestly and positively. I would say that my three subjects of focus are emotional insight and empathy, love & relationships, and removing emotional blockages.
I have known since I was a child that I had psychic abilities, and I grew up surrounded by others that were in touch with theirs. During my readings I like to use runes and cards, they reflect the fundamental and elemental energy. I believe that my callers want to have their situation reframed and put into manageable bite size pieces, I am more than happy to guide and inspire them so that they will be able to see a much brighter way forward.
One of my favourite quotes is “To fail to try is to try to fail!”
During my spare time I like to paint and sculpt, I also enjoy writing and making jewellery.


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