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Shelagh is the down-to-earth psychic Psychic! With over 30 years of experience with an international client-base, she provides insightful readings including direct channelling and astrological predictions. She is humorous and empathetic, aiming always to give empowerment through her readings- and aims to always jam-pack them with guidance and insight. She is an advanced psychological astrologer and tarot reader, in addition to working hands free with her guides. She has extensive media credits, has written widely and appears regularly on Psychic Today. She is a qualified counsellor, involved in regular workshops and teaching, as well as being a Reiki healer. Shelagh tells us that her angelic name is AMADAI, which means the earth in spring.
Her no-nonsense approach is both refreshing and earthy. She aims to link with you over the telephone, agreeing a psychic shopping list with the client. She provides insight for love lives and enjoys pinpointing other concerns in the client’s life providing guidance accordingly.


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