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From a young age I always knew there was something different about me. I would see pictures and words come into my mind which I could not explain. Not coming from a psychic family, it was hard to understand what all this meant. In my mid twenties, I would get messages in my dreams and through my intuitive thoughts but it wasn’t until I started going to psychic fayres in my thirties that I realised that all these occurrences were part of my psychic ability, an ability that had always been there but never knew how to fully understand. I have only been practising for about 2 years but along this path I have come across some fantastic people who have been able to guide me with all those unanswered questions – for that I am truly grateful to them all.

I can work with my natural abilities, guides, no tools/freehand and senses or I can work with my tarot cards. I can also use the pendulum. I mainly use my natural ability but I am able to quickly pick up the workings of tarot cards and I feel that it’s not always about what the actual card signifies, it can also be the feeling I get when the card is turned. I am a calming, positive, fun and down to earth psychic and I can look into areas of love/relationship, general readings or priorities in ones life. With my life experiences I can truly say that I am non-judgemental, very open minded and it takes a lot to shock me. My favourite kind of reading is where the caller wants to receive guidance on a situation that’s around them. It may be just the one question or it could be a few but however many you want to pose to me, let me be the one to give you the insight you require. By the end of the reading, my aim is to leave you feeling, positive and clear minded.

I attend a circle in my spare time to learn and progress in my development, it has brought along a sense of “belonging” to me. I have a hunger to learn the different ways a psychic can read for someone so that I can expand and grow mentally as well as spiritually.

I’m a mother to two young kids who I love and adore. They are first and foremost in my life and that will never change. To wake up every morning to the smiles of my children gives me my purpose in life as I watch them grow into such amazing people – I feel truly blessed to have them both in my life.

Music is my passion, the emotions it can bring when you listen to something that resonates is something truly grounding and uplifting at the same time. I can often be found crooning a tune or three at Karaoke, I am by no means Sarah Brightman! I used to dance Freestyle, Latin American and Ballroom but hung my sparkly shoes up at the age of 30 as the bones are not as forgiving as they were when I was young!

My favourite quote is “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were” – Richard Bach

Love & Light To You All xxx


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