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Santiago tells us that he has been providing psychic readings for over two years, describing his readings as positive and enlightening. His preferred areas to look into during your readings are your career and work life, your destiny and life path, and love and relationships.

Describing himself as romantic and trustworthy, when you connect with Santiago, he will attempt to make you comfortable by conveying an upbeat and happy atmosphere, at which point he will introduce himself and his style of reading, before asking what you would like him to look into.

During your reading with Santiago, he can use a variety of tools depending on the situation, including cards, the pendulum and numerology, although he does not have a favourite. He then says that after he uses his tools to tune in to your situation, he may then receive messages from his guides to help provide a deeper level of insight.

Santiago remembers that he first became aware of his abilities during his adolescence, when he attended a psychic fair, and realised that a number of events that he experienced when he was younger could be attributed to having psychic abilities. Since then, he has spent a great deal of time developing his skills through study, and sitting in spiritual circles.

Santiago describes himself as a people person, and enjoys nothing more than spending time around them, although sometimes feels the need to be alone as well. He also enjoys spending time in nature, and feeling the energy that this brings. He is inspired by his own modification of a quote by the Chinese philosopher Laozi: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single smile”, so for an uplifting and inspiring reading, give him a call today!


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