Sam Richards

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Hello, my name is Sam Richards. I was just 7 years old when I first found out that I was a Psychic. I didn’t know that it was psychic abilities at first, I just felt that I could sense things that other people couldn’t. When I was in my 30’s I watched psychic tv and watched these wonderful people show what they could do and I wanted to do the same, so then I practised on friends and family like I was doing before but I became more focused on what I wanted; I then became a studio psychic and never looked back. I have worked on two psychic shows, have written for magazines and I now teach others how to develop their abilities. I love my work. I am currently writing my first book on Psychic development.

I am a natural psychic and spiritual healer and have over 20 years of experience. My natural psychic skills consist of aura readings, automatic writing, channelling, senses, empath, No Tools and Freehand. I also do colour therapy, crystal healing, psychic development, reiki healing, chakra work and tea leaves and work with the cards. I love all kinds of cards. I feel they open up a whole new world of guidance for me and I get visual sounds and pictures in my mind. By using these cards, I can usually offer a good visual for my caller.

I would class myself as a calming, inspirational and uplifting psychic. I do get a lot of relationship reading requests. I use a time line technique to guide people who might be stuck in a recurring situation, break that pattern so they can move forward in relationships instead of repeating the same experience over and over. I use positive affirmations and meditation techniques as a way to discover how and why these issues may started. Teaching self-love and promoting self-esteem along the way.

My family are very important to me so spending time with them and my grandson is a hobby. I also love to read and I have a small craft business where I make fairy doors and anything else you can craft! I would eventually like to have a product range I can sell online and have a shop that I can do all the things I love in one place! One of my favourite quotes is ” Don’t stop believing ” – Journey.


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