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Hello, my name is Rosetta. I began by reading tea leaves at a very young age. My aunt was very influential in this area of my life and I heard stories of family members who had the “3rd eye” coming from the highlands of Scotland. I then took up the cards when I was a teenager and have used them ever since. I have also been interested in crystals and like to educate myself on other psychic matters. I am a natural psychic. I can use a guide and can also work with Chakras and the pendulum but my favourite tool has to be the cards. I love the fact that they are gentle and uplifting.

Most of my readings are usually related to matters of the heart. Is someone cheating? Why are they behaving a certain way and what are their real feelings? In these matters, I use my instinct which is to use the cards or pendulum for guidance an insight. I will approach my caller by being friendly and open. I will ask them to relax and ensure that there are no possible distractions. I will then ask them to focus on the situation that needs looking at and draw a card to get initial insight on how to proceed.
I like to dance and keep fit in my spare time. I am also very into arts and crafts and enjoy creating things. Spending time with my family is very important to me also. I enjoy travelling and exploring other cultures and meeting new people and my favourite inspiration quote is “If you can dream it you can achieve it” – Walt Disney


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