Rose Quartz

For a reading from Rose Quartz please text the pin number 4604 to

Rose Quartz is extremely friendly and welcoming and aims to put you at ease right away. She tells us that she has been updating and utilising her psychic skills for over 10 years. Rose Quartz loves nothing more than guiding you in many areas of your life but likes to particularly concentrate on career, love and relationships. She is able to utilise all her psychic abilities which include psychic hearing, seeing and feeling. Her kind and caring nature makes her empathetic, genuine and thoughtful when giving readings.
Knowing her way around your mind as well as the kitchen, Rose takes up cuisine and cooking as some of her favourite hobbies. She also takes up yoga and other fitness practices to keep a centred and clear mind, which she says is especially important when giving readings. As a qualified Health and fitness professional, Rose knows all too well about the importance of maintaining a healthy body but more specifically keeping a healthy mind. So whatever situation may be, she will always aim to ensure that you feel a sense of encouragement by the end of your reading.


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