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Rita tells us that she has been reading as a psychic for nearly 15 years. She describes herself as being compassionate, honest and down to earth.
Her favourite areas of focus are Love and Relationships, and Career and Work. She will use her preferred tools to conduct your reading which can vary for each person , her favourites are Tarot Cards, Numerology, Oracle Cards, and Astrology.
Rita describes herself as being approachable, friendly and practical. She aims to put you at ease right away, she begins by introducing herself, her style of reading and her preferred tools of choice. She likes you to feel that you are being listened to and encourages you to ask her questions. It is extremely important to her that you leave the reading feeling that you have been listened to and that you have understood everything she has said.
She fondly remembers signs of psychic feelings from a very young age, as she grew older her psychic awareness grew stronger, and she believed she could not ignore it, she had to pursue it and use her natural psychic skills to guide others on their chosen life paths.
During her down time Rita enjoys writing, travelling and art.


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