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Hello, I am Purple Star, I am a natural born reader and I also use Tarot cards. I have had my psychic senses all of my life but actually only came to develop them once I had spoken to other readers on the phone. I attended a psychic development course to encourage my skills before starting to take on callers and clients of my own. My life’s goal is to be able to uplift and empower all the people I come in contact with and provide the insight and guidance people are looking for.
My callers tend to ask me to explore love life, and career situations for them. I look into the thoughts and feelings of the third parties involved in these endeavours. I am a straightforward person by nature and will always say what I am feeling over what I think someone wants me to say. At the start of a call I will introduce myself and my pin number and ask if you would like me to tell you a little of how I read. I then ask your name and date of birth and try to have a little giggle. I aim to put you at ease as I know that my first ever reading was nerve wracking and I didn’t know what to expect.
I have completely fallen in love with being able to shear and provide my guidance and insight and find the whole venture very rewarding and fulfilling. I was so grateful to the psychic reader who gave me the little nudge onto this journey. When I am not giving readings or working on my skills, I like to spend as much time as possible with my family. I also have a passion for music and adore singing. My most inspirational quote comes from David James Lee – “Breath in with gratitude, breath out with love.”


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