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Hi, my name is Psychic Penelope and I see myself as an enlightening and positive natural psychic reader. I have been reading for over 20 years now, and my preferred area that I like to look into during readings are general readings in one’s life, particularly at love and relationships and your career and also your emotional insight and life-path readings.
When you first come through to me I will be very welcoming and polite but genuine and legitimate as I try to create a comfortable atmosphere in which we can delve deeper into your chosen situation. I also like to find out your name and other small details so that I can better connect with you and become one, so that together we can try to find a positive outcome for almost any situation.
During my readings, I like to use my own developed skills with no tools as I work better hands free. I have developed my skills to seeking input from my guides whether that be voices, music, phrases or even pictures, this helps to narrow down situations . If I do not feel like I have received anything from my guide then I also do use voice vibrations and energies to steer me in the right direction.
I knew from a very young age that I had psychic abilities after I had had some experiences that lead me to believe that there was something more to my life. Since that young age where I had this realization to this very day, I still try to develop my psychic skills to better myself and in turn tune in better to any situation that I may come across.
In my spare time I like to keep very busy by doing activities such as yoga fitness, gardening, arts and crafts as well as candle making. For a uplifting and honest reading, give me a call now!


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