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Hello, my name is Psychic Love. The way that I connect with my callers is by receiving impressions and messages through my natural psychic senses in all their forms. Using those natural psychic ability and guidance creates a soothing session that provides insight into our selves, situations as well as the people around us. At times, even when we are in tune with our intuitions, we need an unbiased and non-judgmental psychic source to guide us in what we sense, so that we can move forward on our chosen path with confidence in our decisions.
When it comes to my calls, my priority is to make my callers feel very comfortable. I then get a better feel and sense of what my caller would want to know and ask. It’s like the whole situation is right before my eyes. Often, my callers ask for a general reading. As someone who works with my personal guides I like these types of readings as it is a good chance to explore ourselves psychically and emotionally. What differentiates me from other readers is that I give what comes to me, and what makes me more comfortable.
I found out that I was psychic from a very young age, my parents became aware of it and did everything to protect me. So, as I grew up in didn’t use my senses and when I got to the age of 20 I started connecting with people and my guides. I came across some people who also had psychic senses who helped me to understand the sense fully and bought the best out in me as I had a stronger sense than I knew. I have now been reading for over 10 years. When I’m not reading, I enjoy spending time with my children taking them to play centres and keeping them actively involved in sports and leisure. My children are my world and that’s my hobby.
My most inspirational quote comes from Rumi. “Respond to every call that excites your spirit”.


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