Psychic Lotus

Psychic Lotus

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Hi Welcome I am a gifted psychic reader and I would love to help you connect with your deeper journey in life.

As a natural empath and psychic, I have developed my abilities through listening passionately to the deep multi-dimensional wisdom within nature and recognising in awe, the infinitely beauteous expressions of our being. I listen in the same profound and deeply guided way to each client, and I am always in awe at the uniquely magnificent brilliance and wondrous beauty of each person.

My readings are spiritual, compassionate, and inspirationally positive perspective. I have come to realise that our keys to happiness are already within us.

I make it my priority to be very direct and straight forward
with all who seek my insight and wisdom. I have a very honest
and clear non-judgemental approach to all of my clients
if you are concerned about an unknown future or if there’s
a current situation you’re are facing at the moment that has you puzzled
allow me to guide you through a session with me I can give you the insight that you have been seeking.
We all have moments in our lives when we dont know where to go, we dont see what is ahead of us and are in need of guidance I can surely provide a clear outlook as to what your future holds I have provided readings and guidance to clients in person and over the phone for 10 years I have catered to many customers I have read for people from many different cultures and religions and developed a better understanding of clients from all walks of life all around the globe.

I look within your vast talents, your life desires, your inner quests, your yearnings and your ways of expression and connect to your deeper journey, in becoming all you are. I will endeavour to guide you at a profound, positive and inspirational level to know the joy of your being and see your way to happiness.

My main areas to give readings on are, love readings, I advise in most matters of life.

Tools are optional for each reading if you have a preferred tool you would like to me conduct your reading with please do not hesitate to ask.

The tools I use are listed below:

Tarot Cards
Crystal Ball
Angel Cards
Rune Stones
Dream Interpretation
Gem Stones

My Reading Style

I’m very passionate in what I do I love giving guidance and insight to others.

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