Psychic Laura

Psychic Laura

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My name is Laura P. I am a genuine empathic natural psychic and card reader. My angel cards and psychometry are my favourite tools to use. I am able to use these methods of reading along with insight from my guide and my own intuition to guide my caller in a calm and soothing way. I combine my psychic abilities to conduct readings for clients. I can read past, present and future using cards and my own psychic awareness through my trusted guides. I am also a reiki spiritual healer so I can pick up on physical signs too and uplift each client to a better emotional state.

I am a down-to-earth, honest and uplifting psychic. I have known about my psychic ability nearly all my life, but mainly around age 5 when I would experience things that others wouldn’t. I developed my psychic awareness further from age 15/16 and and then even more so from age 19.

I really love meeting all my amazing clients and also teaching psychic development to people to guide them in the psychic world and allow them to understand and develop their own abilities.

In my spare time I enjoy being a mu, playing the piano and walking my dog.

“Nothing in this world is permanent. Not even our troubles”

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