Phoenix Dawn

Phoenix Dawn

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“Everything is working out perfectly for me now in divine perfect timing, all is well in my world and I am safe” – Louise Hay

I’m Phoenix Dawn. I was always very sensitive as a child and could pick up on things. I had many psychic experiences which lead me to believe in my psychic abilities. In my teens I started to use Tarot and Oracle cards, doing readings for myself, family and friends and since then I’ve been on lots of development courses to learn to connect properly etc. The subject is so vast and so much to learn, I love it!

I enjoy using my cards as I have a strong connection working with the Angels, both in my spiritual healing work and in readings. I close my eyes and feel the energy of the card and experience feelings in my body, and I receive images in my mind’s eye, which I then explain and pass on this insight to my client.

I mainly focus Career & Work, General readings and priorities in one’s life, future readings and picking up on emotions in a current situation of caller. I am a warm and caring reader and I enjoy motivating and inspiring others to be the best they can be, and love to provide insight and guidance on their ongoing journeys.

I enjoy walking in nature especially the countryside.
I like to Meditate with crystals and use my Reiki drum.
I have just joined a gym and spa! Aiming to go 3 times a week!
I am passionate about painting! From interior design -home decor, to painting on canvas! Focussing on Fairies and Angels, Vintage and Steampunk. I love to create!

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