Peter Doswell

For a reading from Peter Doswell please text the pin number 6444 to

Peter Doswell tells us that his style of reading is compassionate and positive. He has natural skills including psychic sight and sound, and he is also empathetic. He tells us that he has been a practising psychic for over 20 years.

If this is your first time of having a reading with Peter, he tells us that he likes to put you at ease by introducing himself and explaining how he works. He will also let you know which tools he is drawn to use for you. He has a variety of tools that he likes to use, these include tarot, pendulum, oracle cards and his crystal ball.

He has a kind and warm nature and will always aim to offer you enlightening, encouraging guidance, to steer you through your own chosen life paths.

“If you knock on a door and it does not open, do not push. If you push the door gently and it opens, that is for you. You cannot go through a closed door. Too many people in your world waste time and effort banging at closed doors.” Silver Birch

Away from his psychic readings, Peter spends his time enjoying his favourite hobbies. He is a passionate and loyal football fan. He also enjoys Native American music.


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