Paul G

Paul G

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I work closely with my guides to bring you insight into any general life situations, past, present and future. I use coloured ribbons to make the initial connection and then expand with my tarot cards. Through natural psychic abilities and Reiki healing, I will tune into each person as an individual. I am not here to tell you what to do, but to guide you to find the right way forward for yourself. I also believe it is very important to tell people what they need to hear which may not always be what they want to hear at the time, however there will always be a reason somewhere along the lines that will make sense.

My main mission is to enlighten people as to what is there best way to find success, happiness and fulfilment in their life journey. I also have experience with pendulum, psychic development, reiki healing and spiritual healing.

I am often asked about personal relationships and I pride myself in looking beyond the obvious, without personal judgement or opinion. I am straight talking but in the kindest possible way, with honesty and integrity. I can also gibe readings on career & work, general readings and priorities in ones life.

I am a very sociable and outgoing person who loves people of all walks of life. My partner and I love our animals and have many shared interests, including music, eating out, theatre, live concerts, and travelling to interesting places. Holidays in the sun are also a big thing for us when possible.

My favourite inspirational quote is “You have a magic wand, you just need to find it and start waving it again.” – This came from a psychic mentor.

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