Oonagh Law

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I have felt my psychic ability since I was 11 years old, my intuition was very strong, and I decided to develop this further and also to work on my own self growth. I am a natural spiritual reader and spiritual healer I connect using my energies and my intuition. I have been giving psychic readings on a professional level for many years, and I would describe myself as being direct, honest and straight forward. I am different from other psychic readers as I do not sugar coat. I deliver the messages I receive as I see them in a direct but approachable manner and my aim is to leave you feeling uplifted and enlightened. If this is the style that you like, then I am the one for you.
During my readings I prefer to rely on my natural intuition, however upon occasion I will use my cards, which can give me insight and guidance to my clients. The areas my reading s are usually focused on are Love and Relationship, Current Emotions in Partners or 3rd Parties and House Moves. I love all aspects of my work and get great satisfaction from being able to encourage and enlighten people to move forward.
During my spare time I enjoy walking my dog and spending quality time with my family.


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