Mylee Indigo

Mylee Indigo

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Hello! I’m Mylee Indigo, I am a positive and empowering Shine Psychic and Chakra Therapist.
I have many energising tools that guide the awakening of my ajna (3rd eye chakra) and attune my psychic senses towards giving insightful and uplifting readings. That said, I am very honest and do not like to sugar coat, so therefore I feel the need to tell you if anything negative comes through.

My psychic techniques include Chakra Therapy, Guided Meditation, Aura Visualization, Angelic Bonding, Empathy Attuning, Spiritual Numbers and Positive Affirmations. I can also sense emotional energy around you or your situation.

If you are having a reading with me for the first time, I will begin by harmonising with your cosmic vibrations; if you feel a comforting shift of energy or a tingly feeling we are connected. I will then try to tune in with the essence of your heart chakra (emotional vibration) and scan your etheric energy by using some cards, or connect to my crystals and express what I sense, see and feel around your situation. This could be in connection with love/relationships, career/work/goals, or prosperity/success. If our energies do not harmonise, then I may not be the right reader for your current situation on that occasion, however I will let you know if this is the case.

I enjoy working with cards, crystals, runes and pendulum mapping for insights. I will spread a few cards out and then share what vibrations I get from the cards, the same thing applies when I hold a crystal in my hand or attune to a crystal sphere. I will often sense, see and feel colours of energy and then share the message. I often close my eyes to attune with the client’s energy and I find the best way to deliver a message is to convey the emotional vibrations, and also simply say everything I receive. If there is a knotted problem or challenge in your reading we will use the pendulum to find a path for your solution.

I receive great inspiration from the quote “You Are More Precious Than You Realize”, as I believe within each of us is a bodacious hidden treasure. I’m a musician and DJ, I play classical jazz, classical violin and electric guitar. I love to eat all the sour apple candy in the world…well, would give it a bash. Love to spend time with my blue russian cat Darth Vader and my cockapoo Khaleesi. Oh and I like going on road trips with a really tall 6ft 7″ giant tree person.

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