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Hello, my name is Mozinah. I descend from a Celtic background of intuitive women and I am a 4th generation intuitive card and crystal reader. I have been reading for 13 years now, of which 8 of those years are professional.
My mother gave me my first angelic deck of cards aged 10 years old and I began to study and grow my interest of card reading from there. Aged 15, I purchased the witches’ tarot deck to further enhance my psychic abilities. I still use both decks today.
I work with star signs in correlation to my tarot, so please have those handy.
I also have a keen interest in crystals; having self-taught myself on their history and powers. I have a designated column in Witchology magazine discussing different crystals each month.
I am always learning more about the psychic world, and the ancient history surrounding it. Everything I learn is passed on via my readings where necessary to enhance the guidance where applicable.
My readings are direct and to the point, but I remain polite and enlightening. I work for the higher good, and merely see myself as a messenger of the universe, relaying guidance to you. I am an empathic person, a good listener and I will not judge your situation.


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