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I am honest and compassionate natural psychic and Tarot card reader. I receive symbolic and energetic messages through the tarot cards and I also feel and see messages.

I always knew that I was psychic and was given my first set of tarot cards around the year 2005. I do not describe the cards, I read them in my own unique way as I feel this makes each of my readings individual to my client. Before I begin a reading, I explain my process and connect to the client through voice. I prefer for them to tell me nothing, so I can build a natural connection and trust.

I like to give insight and inspiration into areas such as career & work, emotional insight and empathy and pick up on emotions in a current situation of caller. Although I am honest, I like to ensure my callers are seeing a positive future, no matter what life experiences they are currently going through.

“You can never be anywhere except exactly where you are supposed to be” – Source -unknown

I enjoy nature, art, sewing, walking, cooking and all things spiritual including prayer and meditation.


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