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Melina tells us that she has been reading for over 16 years, and describes her readings as positive and straightforward. Her three preferred areas to look into during her readings are your destiny and life path, family life, and love and relationships

Describing herself as empathetic and open, when you connect with Melina for the first time, after introducing herself, she will immediately switch the focus onto you, asking you what you would like her to try to look into, and what style of reading you would like. She feels that it is incredibly important that the focus of the reading is entirely on you, as this can help to ensure that you get the most out of your reading.

During your reading, Melina tells us that she will mainly use cards, however does not interpret them in the traditional way, instead using her own intuition, as well as messages from her guides, in order to try to interpret them, and pass the meanings on to you in the most relevant way possible.

When asked when she first realised that she was a psychic, Melina recalls that this happened as a result of a number of enlightening experiences during a variety of challenging times during her life. After this, she felt that it was something that she could not ignore, and since then has devoted her time to giving readings to a wide variety of customers.

In her free time, Melina enjoys various forms of art and music, as well as a variety of different watersports. She is inspired by a quote from Albert Einstein, “The only real valuable thing is intuition”, so for an uplifting and inspiring reading, give her a call today!


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