Maxine Eames

Maxine Eames

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Maxine Eames is a highly gifted International Celebrity Clairvoyant with over 23 years experience of working professionally in the Mind Body Spirit field.

Maxine Eames is known as The Psychic Designer, Psychic Stylist, and Dynamic Colour
Specialist, using her intuitive abilities to create bespoke designs for celebrities and their homes. Maxine has worked as a designer for many years using her natural psychic abilities. A Dynamic Colour Specialist, Maxine Eames engages her many esoteric gifts and channels guidance and tangible advice to those who ask.

A gifted Natural Psychic, Maxine Eames works in London, Spain, the South of France, and America, with her very discerning International Clientele including Celebrities, those who work in the Mind Body Spirit field and in the Media, Artists, and people of all walks of life.

An Intuitive Healer by nature, Maxine Eames sees dynamic spirit colours/energies and channels dynamic healing energy as a normal part of her daily life.
This is what I do every day in my private practice. Helping others to move along their life's path smoothly is a huge part of my daily life. I accept my esoteric gifts with gratitude, and I
never take it for granted.

I am so deeply passionate about this work and nothing makes me happier than for me to help somebody smile again. I love helping people and the Animal Kingdom as often as possible.

Maxine Eames is open minded and each reading with her is in the strictest of confidence. With compassion, love, honesty and integrity, Maxine Eames gives her Clients peace of mind, clarity, and empowerment to make informed choices in life. Maxine brings comfort, strength and inspiration to thousands of people. She channels guidance and healing energies most appropriate for the individual.

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