Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones

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Hi everyone, I’m Matt.

I am a natural psychic empath and intuitive card reader. I became aware in my late teenage years that I could sense, feel and hear things that others couldnt. When I was 14, I purchased my first tarot deck but it was not until my early twenties when I actually started exploring the cards. I started reading them intuitively and over the years through reading for clients, I have learned that the cards are rich in symbolism, and read rather like a story book. I also use Lenormand cards, which are best used for when a client is asking about timing.

Other than being a natural reader and using my guides and senses, I can use tools such as cards and pendulum and I also do dream analysis, numerology, psychic development and spiritual healing to guide my callers. The areas I am stronger at are career and work, emotional insight and empathy and love and relationships and I am a very compassionate and honest reader.

I will explain to you how I work and ask you to relax as it is important that you are comfortable for both you and myself. You are welcome to start with a question or if you would prefer, or I can begin with a general reading.

A bit about my life outside of the psychic world. I have three dogs, two of them Chihuahua and a Cavashon. I enjoy walks, go to the gym and I also enjoy cooking, painting, art and pottering in the garden. I am not much of a Soap opera fan, although I do enjoy a good movie.

My favourite quote is ” If you are bored, you are not using your imagination” by my mother

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