Martin W

Martin W

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Hello, my name is Martin. I am an experienced card reader and I feel I have psychic senses. My favourite subjects to focus on are Career and work, General readings, priorities in one’s life and love and relationships. I have been practicing reading for up to 15 years and I really enjoy what I do.

I will start off my readings by asking my client if they have had a card reading before. I will then explain how I use the cards for readings in the past, present and future, and then find out if they have a particular question or just want a general reading.

I was only 12 when I bought my first deck of cards after watching the James Bond movie, live and let die. My brother then told me my nana read the cards so me and her spent a lot of time talking about them and from then I started to collected decks. It all started out as a hobby for me which progressed into something bigger and now here I am reading for people and I love nothing more than uplifting people through my readings.

I love video games and movies and I have an eclectic taste in music so that’s what I usually do in my spare time. I also like reading the odd book now and again. My favourite inspirational quote is “Normality and perfection only exist in the eyes of those too blind to see reality.” Which I came up with myself.

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