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Hi there, I’m Markova, and I am a caring and compassionate psychic with a sympathetic ear. I have been giving readings for over 26 years

When you come through to me for the first time, after asking your name and date of birth, I will light a single white candle for you, which to me signifies spiritual protection and love. After this, I will briefly explain how I work, as well as any tools that I use, and then begin the reading. During the reading, I believe that the most important thing is to ensure that you are at ease, and that you feel comfortable, so that I can do my best to let you leave the reading feeling reassured and uplifted.

During your reading, my favourite tools to use are my cards, as well as my natural psychic abilities and guides. They often pass messages to me, mainly regarding the personality of the caller or certain aspects of the situation. Then, midway through your reading, I will begin to use the cards to help provide a deeper level of insight into the guidance that has been passed to me.

I first realised that I was a psychic when I was a young child, when I had a number of different experiences where I was able to see different energies around me, as well as hear and feel them around me. Since then, I was inspired to develop my psychic skills and begin reading professionally, and have given readings to a wide variety of people ever since.

As well as giving readings, I also enjoy dancing, particularly ballet. I am also a lover of animals, and spending time outdoors in nature. A quote that I find particularly inspirational is ‘don’t look too far back with regret and don’t look too far into the future it makes you anxious but stay focused on the present to be calm and happy’, so for an uplifting and inspirational reading, call me today!

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