Maria Ann

Maria Ann

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My name is Maria Ann and my aim is to bring spiritual encouragement to those in need, and offer guidance to
people. I am an experienced hearing and seeing psychic, working with many tools to bring my clients
enlightenment. I feel it’s very important to go in depth with my readings and give insight into the past,
present and future as I am a natural gifted empath. I have high intentions of manifesting positivity in my in
readings along with vibrant words of wisdom to spiritually heal others. I aim to pick up on aura energies flowing around me and sense intuitively how to guide a person. I pride myself on honesty; reading with integrity and guiding my clients to find their desired pathway. I work with my special desired card decks and runes.
I connect with clients using animal message cards, tarot cards, Angel oracle cards, rune stones and pendulums. Dowsing is a fantastic technique throwing energies into a yes or no answer. I also use a very popular deck of dream analysis cards.
My aim is to tune into peoples emotions using my natural empathy. Also I channel through peoples auras. These spiritual gifts enable me to look deep within using mental images and channel with my body to bring spiritual healing messages of wisdom to others. I ask clients to concentrate on the most important issues at hand as I am shuffling my cards, when focusing on the questions, I ask clients to relax, as that enables me to tune into their vibrations fast.
My guides bring enlightenment, guidance and positivity to encourage people to have peace of mind in every aspect. My goal is to give encouragement, positivity and enlightenment.
I first became aware of my special abilities at a young age, the feeling was overwhelming and I felt very grateful to be given such a fantastic gift. I started to interpret pictures by using my natural senses. I feel dreams play an important role in the spiritual world manifesting thoughts into reality. I was also given old books about fortune and wisdom as a child. These books enabled me to discover starsigns, personalities, dream meanings, spells and ancient & general love mechanisms to find answers.
My favourite inspirational quote is “Real flowers bloom in the wilderness” -xiao mei

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