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I have been giving psychic readings professionally for nearly twenty years, and I get a massive amount of satisfaction from giving guidance to my clients. I am an honest, direct and compassionate reader, I do not interpret the messages I receive, I relay the messages and the caller draws their own conclusion based on what I have given them.
A lot of my readings are based around Career & Work, Destiny & Life path, Emotional insight & empathy, General Readings and the possible Priorities in one’s Life. I have natural psychic hearing abilities and I also use my favourite cards to give my readings. I ask for as little detail as possible from the client, I simply ask “What question would you like to ask?” and we then take it from there.
I am a firm believer in hope and encourage people to see the positive side in their situation, I firmly believe things are bad for only a short amount of time, and once emotional blockages are removed it should be a lot easier to move forward with a much more positive outlook.
During my spare time I like to read and play the guitar. I also love cats.
My favourite inspirational quote is “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” by Friedrich Nietzsche loosely translated means He who has a reason to live can bear almost any problem. I live my live to that standard and I truly believe this encourages me to live a better life.


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