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Hi, my name is Lotus and I am a compassionate, positive and down-to-earth psychic reader. In my readings, I can explore many area of life or offer guidance on many particular questions which may be on your mind. Usually, I love to focus on career, work and love and relationship readings. I recognised my intuitive, psychic abilities at a young age and have been developing these over the last seven years. In my readings, I combine my intuitive psychic senses along with guidance from the cards and I utilise other complementary disciplines as well, such as astrology and numerology.

When you come through to me, if you so wish, I can explore your numerology profile by taking your date of birth and look into what your birthday might mean, in particular, examining your life path number and guide you into finding interesting elements of your life. I can also explore relationship compatibility using numerology, which can help you to understand you partner from a different perspective.

A little bit more about my journey and me. During my further education in the scientific field, my curiosity in personal development, personality and human behaviour deepened and I started meditation and I began to explore, develop and nourish my spirituality. This guided me into understanding my psychic abilities better and my understanding and empathy grew for others
And their life journey.

In my spare time I like to do yoga, go to the gym and take nice long walks as they can uplift and energise my body and soul. A particular quote, which inspires me daily, is “The pains we suffer today can be transformed into tomorrow’s empowerment.” For an uplifting, empathetic and honest reading, give me a call today!

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