Linda Sweet

Linda Sweet

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Hi, I’m Linda Sweet, and I am a non-judgemental and empathetic natural psychic reader with over 20 years of experience. My chosen areas of focus during my readings are career and work, picking up on your emotions and those of those around you, and attempting to clear emotional blockages around your current situation.

When you have your first reading with me, after a short introduction, I will usually start with a friendly and non-judgemental chat, in order to allow me to see the way forward for your reading. Doing this will also allow me to tune into your voice, and may also allow me to begin to pick up on some of the vibrations around your current situation.

When I read for you, will use a variety of different tools, including the cards, pendulum and crystal ball, depending on the type of reading. I find that the cards are very descriptive, and I will often pick up other images or thoughts relevant to your reading. On the other hand, the pendulum allows me to open up a connection with my guide, and I can ask it to answer yes or no questions. All of this allows me to build up a deeper level of insight and guidance, which I can then pass on to you.

I knew that I was a psychic from a very early age, as I could occasionally pick up on other energies. I continued picking up these energies and having messages passed to me by my guides, however it was not until a difficult time in my life some time later that I decided to pursue my skills further, and since then I have joined an open circle, and developed my psychic skills to make me the reader that I am today.

Besides giving readings, I also have several grandchildren and a large doh, all of which keep me very busy, however I also enjoy sketching, reading, and doing a little bit of DIY. A quote which I find particularly inspiring is from my grandmother ‘It’s OK to say you are not OK’, so, for a compassionate and sympathetic reading, give me a call today!

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