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Lilac Tree
I am a compassionate natural psychic with 35 years of experience. I am also a Reiki healer, and passionate for Astrology. I am able to work with Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards along with pendulum, my natural psychic abilities and my guide.

I am a very honest and positive reader. I feel that reading for all clients, old and new is very exciting! I feel that I had the psychic ability from birth. At age of 8 I would read my own playing cards and then age 11 I used to spend more time alone day dreaming and expanding my psychic skills. At age 15 we moved from London to Tintagel & with my Mum and we joined circles of Spiritual Development. My mum had tarot & my nan used to guide people too.

During my spare time I enjoy walking, step aerobics, travelling, holidays, swimming, family life & spending time with my grandchildren and friends.

My favourite inspirational quote is:
“There’s always Hope.
Your Special by my Great Auntie Eileen”

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