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Rising in the ranks as one of our most popular psychics here at Psychic Today, Laetitia has gained a following of callers, many of whom seem to celebrate her calming aura and soothing tone during their readings. As a truthful, direct and empathic reader, Laetitia feels that there is no situation too big or complex that cannot be analysed and where some light can be given. Over the past 25 Years this psychic has matured in her psychic path.
Laetitia tells us that she was always aware of her psychic gifts, but even at a young age she was never overwhelmed or frightened by them. Though not fully understanding the nature of her differences, she demonstrated a degree of composure beyond her young years as she set off to learn about her psychic senses and build on her knowledge through practicing card readings on her friends and family and immersing herself in spiritual books and literature.
It was finally in 2000 that she began building a base for private clientele.
Laetitia bases her readings on Tarot card interpretations and their astrological associations. By combining these two areas she is able to bring you her own special kind of predictions and additionally determine what planetary influences may affect you in your situations.
Even with Tarot cards in hand Laetitia always invokes her guide during readings. Through this channelling she tells us that her guide graces her with vivid colours, images or thoughts which assist her in providing more detailed readings.
Although her emphasis tends to lie in the Tarot cards, Laetitia is also able to give hands free readings without the necessity of tools.
Known for her direct and straightforward approach, Laetitia is particularly happy in the areas of Love and relationship readings, and giving insight on career and work and family life. During readings her only requirement is for you to relax, fully open up and be willing to listen. She says that this will allow her to better tune into your energy.
In her life away from the psychic realm Laetitia enjoys oil painting, ink sketching, writing and reading. She also partakes in yoga and meditation practices.
Laetitia believes that the road to getting what you want out of life only can begin with psychic readings as a form of guidance, but ultimately ends with you. In this she encourages her callers to live their lives based on this quote by the Dali Lama: ‘Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions’.


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