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I am a compassionate natural psychic & Reiki Master, with over 26 years’ experience of giving psychic readings. I felt I was psychic from a very young age, I use psychic sight and psychic hearing to conduct my readings, I also like to use my favourite deck of cards, I also have two guides that I work with and they are with me all the time. My clients like general readings, covering all areas of their lives. I feel I am different because I focus on the positive aspects within these areas and give guidance that is uplifting and inspirational. I would describe myself as being a Compassionate, Down-to-earth, Enlightening, Honest, Inspirational, Positive, Uplifting
I love giving guidance on work/career, general readings , love and relationships and changes. I like to give positive and uplifting readings as I know life can be challenging sometimes but each day can bring new and exiting opportunities. I approach first time readings with compassion and understanding. Explaining how I work and asking the client what type of reading they would like. The aspect of my psychic work that I enjoy most is giving guidance to people, that makes a difference
During my spare time I have an interest in antiques, I also enjoy live music and I am currently writing a book.
My favourite quote is “Have the courage to follow your heart & intuition. they somehow know what you truly want to become.”


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